Applocum is a specialist provider of healthcare professionals into the public and private sector. We ensure that our Clients and candidates receive a personalised bespoke service as we have a fundamental belief that each client and candidate is unique. With this fundamental company ethos of listening to our clients and candidate’s unique needs/requirements, we have quickly grown to be a leading national supplier of healthcare professionals.

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  • Large collection of GPs nationwide
    1. Affordable Prices
      Best quality Compliance check
      Automated Billing & Payments
      Quick & easy processing
      Round the clock support

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What our customers say


Nicola Partigton

Applocum are a breath of fresh air in the world of locum agencies

We have always had fantastic service from their skilled team. We have always had top class GP's attend our practice which shows efforts they go to ensuring they only work with the best people. I would highly recommend the Applocum Team...

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