Summer is fast approaching and with 77% of the population stating that summer holiday experiences are priceless, it’s time to start saving for time on the beach! The average family spends £2417 on flights and hotels over the summer period, so how can you save extra money for this expensive time of year? We look into the many pros of Locum work over the summer months and advise you on how to get the best shifts available.

Flexibility and work / life balance

With Locum opportunities work and life walk hand in hand in harmony. Locum positions are offered on a frequent basis, you will rarely find yourself struggling for opportunities, especially in the summer months. With the offer of work on a frequent basis you will find yourself able to pick work at a time that is suitable for you and your family. Locums are able to prioritise family life over work due to the high rates offered and the variety in shift times.

With 72% of Locums saying they choose Locum work due to the flexibility the proof is in the statistics when it comes to Locum career happiness! You have the freedom to pick where you work, when you work and for how long. The ability to be your own PA gives you the opportunity to prioritise home life and your own personal happiness. Locum work is a more family friendly approach to medical professions, this is the main reason more clinicians in permanent positions are taking to Locum work.

With the easier work/life balanced approach, Locum opportunities are also a fantastic path into a semi-retirement lifestyle. For clinicians looking to reduce hours and enjoy the perks of retirement without taking the immediate plunge, Locum opportunities will give you a fantastic insight into life as a retired clinician in a “try as you buy” style approach. The extra income will also help you save towards retirement!

Try before you buy

With the summer holiday period stretching over a 6-week term, opportunities in many surgeries are offered on a long-term basis. For full time Locums looking to fill their diaries within local surgeries; this gives them the opportunity to try a surgery out should they be looking for permanent fixtures. The chance of long-term bookings within different settings give you the opportunity to sample different settings from Out of Hours through to Urgent Care Centres. The experience of a variety of settings gives you more experience to secure further openings in the future.

Long term bookings give you the opportunity to build bonds within the team, meaning you will more than likely gain first refusal on future shifts. The practice will gain a full comprehensive understanding of you as a clinician, they will understand your specialities and how you work within the team, making it more likely you will gain further rotas from the same clinic.

Competitive pay rates

Over the summer months we find that surgeries are more likely to offer higher rates of hourly pay, this is due to the difficulty of filling a position. The harder the position is to fill, the higher the rate of pay. Surgeries are aware that the summer months are the most popular for annual leave requests, this leaves them with little choice of clinicians. If you are interested in high rates of pay, easier shifts within pleasant surgeries and the opportunity to build strong bonds, we highly recommend looking for Locum opportunities within the summer holidays.

More choice of work

Over the summer months annual leave requests spike in the UK with schools on summer holidays. The rise in annual leave taken over summer opens the opportunity of shifts within surgeries across the UK. Doctors have polled that they are more likely to take annual leave during school holidays, this opens the opportunity of a six-week period of available shifts from July through to the beginning of September.

At AppLocum over summer we see Locum opportunities increase by up to 30%, with the higher rate of openings Locums are given the choice of more work, flexible hours and competitive rates within a large range of settings.

Some of our Summer Positions:

Locum GP Required – Summer Cover – Burnley

Locum Advanced Nurse Practitioner – June to July Accrington Rotas

Long Term Locum GP Required – Selby

GP Locum Sessions in Manchester – May & Jun

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