About AppLocum

Founded in 2015, AppLocum is a rapidly growing tech and recruitment venture designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

A novel tech-led approach to the recruitment process; marrying a team of highly skilled, friendly and approachable recruitment consultants with custom bespoke technology; AppLocum delivers a perfectly suited clinician to a surgery or treatment centre in a fast, effective and hassle-free manner.

Community in Mind

AppLocum strive for a sense of community with clinicians and partners alike. We always aim to give back to the community we have grown within.

From charity toy donations for local children’s hospitals to apprentice opportunities within the business, AppLocum always have the local community at heart.

Meet Our Team

Dr Suhel Ahmed (MBChB, MRCGP)
Co-Founder & CEO of AppLocum 

Johnathan Critchley

Our Values


With drive and passion, we want to evolve the wheel that is medical recruitment. Making the process fast, effective and convenient for medical professionals and providers alike.


Knowing firsthand how isolating being a locum clinician can be, we strive to build the community that medical professionals deserve; to seek guidance, a sense of belonging or even just to talk.

Doing Good

Knowing where we come from is very important to us as a company, giving back to the community and charities to help support the causes closest to our hearts has always been a priority from our conception.

Striving to Achieve

At AppLocum we are inspired and driven to achieve our goals, this is a part of our philosophy and imbedded in our foundations to strive forward, develop and evolve the medical recruitment industry.