Who We are

AppLocum aim to marry technology and the amazing customer service we have to offer, in order to empower both clinicians and establishments through the recruitment process.

We combine experience from both sides of a divided aisle, the experience of a recruitment consultant and an experienced clinician. We have revolutionised the locum recruitment process. Pushing boundaries and driving forward; to change what we know and how recruitment companies operate. We understand the hassle involved in recruitment can be daunting. We provide a no ‘nuisance’ approach to locum recruitment.

Key ingredients

We are transparent in all walks of business from billing through to the quality of the locums we provide. We wave the flag for the NHS and ensure we do everything to provide first class high quality solutions to the staffing crisis.


We make it our policy to listen to the people who matter the most to us. They know the industry best.


To be at the top of our game we learn, adapt and develop from listening to our clinicians and practices.


AppLocum wants to deliver the best service possible, evolving locum recruitment and driving forward within the industry.

Community Spirit

AppLocum strive for a sense of community with both clinicians and partners. We always aim to give back to the community we have grown within. From charity toy donations for children’s hospitals to apprentice opportunities within the business, AppLocum always have the local community at heart.

Meet The Professionals

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