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GP Locum & Mental Health

GP locum

A doctor sits at his desk looking very worried

Mental health amongst GP’s has become a prominent talking point in the medical community recently. This is because mental health amongst doctors is a taboo subject, the majority of doctors outside of London can only seek help from their CCG. This has lead to GP’s not seeking help because of the lack of anonymity with their peers.

Due to many factors that include increased workloads and the extra pressure being put on the dwindling number of doctors. Figures of mental illness and even suicides amongst doctors are rising. From one leading GP, doctors under investigation are at 13 times higher risk of suicide compared to the general public. As a general rule of thumb GP’s are 4 times more likely to self harm, this is an alarming figure that gets worse with female GP’s being more at risk of mental illness.

These reports have come shortly after the it has been revealed that more than 1,100 GP’s had sought help for mental health issues that included burnout, stress and addiction this year alone.

The NHS are aware of the problem and are working on systems to tackle and support doctors that are suffering from mental illness. While long term strategies are being put in place, appLocum wants to do something about the short term and the issues that doctors are facing now. If you want to become apart of our support community where doctors can talk to each other or seek help completely anonymously then please don’t hesitate.

We are offering support to any health care professionals who need it. As well as offering support, appLocum also want to stress the the benefits of a GP locum agency. Becoming a GP locum can have positive effects on mental health as you can take control of your working life. Work if and when you want in the locations you choose, if stress and other factors are becoming issues then take time off to regroup. Along with other benefits, there is a great emphasis locum jobs and gp locum agencies.

If you are looking for support or want more information about locum work and how it can benefit you personally then please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

You can either email or call 0161 711 0655


  1. Mary mawdsley says:

    I really think you guys are a tonic! From what I see not all agencies are the same. I came to you guys “under a cloud”. That is now well and truly lifted! No problem too big or small for you to help with. I can honestly say that my mental health has improved working with you guys. Nice to see you publicly showing what your good at!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Mary, they mean so much to us all here especially our nursing team!
      It has been an absolute privilege working with you for the past year and we look forward to working each and every day with you in the future.
      You are a credit to your profession and an amazing person, personally and professionally.
      Keep up the amazing work!

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