GPs’ workload has increased significantly in recent years affecting their ability to provide high-quality services, and consequently, there is an increasing focus on nurses to provide a solution. There is little evidence of how ANP’s experience their role in practices and hospitals, and it is important to understand their perceptions of this and the challenges they may face in supporting service development and improvement within the healthcare industry.

The Problem

There is not just one problem but a collection of problems that have brought this issues upon ANP’s. We will start with the dwindling numbers of GP’s that decrease year on year. Then there is the other end of the system and the increasing population but also the rise in average age of the population. Finally, there is a lacking amount of resources trying to recruit GP’s and nurses in general.

The bottom line is this, all healthcare professionals are feeling the pressure of the current system. With the increasing pressure, there is a change and development in an ANP’s job and the needs placed on them. ANP jobs are at their highest demand since their roles began, to keep on top of the increasing demand there is one obvious solution.

The Solution

Becoming a locum ANP helps relieve some of the strain that is being forced upon the role. ANP jobs are in high demand to the point where appLocum can provide consistent and constant work for any locum ANP’s.

Taking locum ANP jobs gives ANP’s a chance to rest and recover when they need it the most, to ensure they are not overworked to provide the best quality of care possible. This can counteract the extra pressures of the developing role and with the constant high demand, ANP’s can choose to work in one surgery or several depending on their needs and preferences.

The role of the ANP will keep on developing but at AppLocum we are determined to make all of our locums feel valued. If you want to try locum work or switch locum agencies to one who cares and listens then get in contact with one of our senior consultants to find out more. Please call 0161 711 0655 or email:

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