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The Solution of a Locum Agency like AppLocum


The Issue

There is a lot of debate over the increasing workloads for general practitioners and nurses alike throughout the medical industry. It is no secret that GP’s and nurses are burning out under the pressure of their roles and this article is here to address this.

AppLocum is a locum agency that takes away most of the current disadvantages for healthcare professionals, and this is how we do it.


Career Development

AppLocum can offer roles around the country with many different medical providers. This gives you a unique opportunity to develop your skills. Being a locum nurse or locum GP, you can apply your skills and knowledge while developing in new environments.

Locum jobs provide special circumstances to develop quicker than any other roles.


Work/Life Balance and Convenience of a Locum Agency

It is well known that one of the biggest pros of being a locum is choosing when and where you work. As a locum GP or nurse, you can take as many holidays as you wish whenever you want to take them. This gives the perfect chance to recharge your batteries if you are feeling overworked, which allows you to provide the best quality of care possible when you do work.


The side that should be promoted more for locum work is the convenience of becoming a locum. When you go through an agency like AppLocum you will miss out on all of the disadvantages of locuming alone.


You will never need to sell yourself to surgeries to find work ever. That is the agency’s job and they have experienced and trained consultants to do that on your behalf. You will also rarely need to negotiate your rate as the locum agency will pay you the going rate unless you think you deserve more for that specific vacancy.


Some GPs decide to find their own work. This means not only are they responsible for sourcing new work, but they must also invoice work (and all the work that chasing invoices can entail). As well as be responsible for keeping accurate records for income tax purposes.


Tax Advantages

As a locum GP, your employment status will be “contractor” which means you will set yourself up as a business and some of your expenses (e.g. travel/mileage, training costs, equipment etc.) have the potential to be a tax deductible expense and can be offset against your earnings.


Supplement your income

It is a great way to supplement your income. If you are a partner or employed GP looking to supplement your income or a retired GP looking for occasional work locum shifts can be invaluable.


If you are looking to work or try locum work out then get in contact AppLocum, the most progressive locum agency.


Feel free to get in contact at enquiries@applocum.com or call 0161 711 0655 and make contact with your personal consultant who will listen to your needs and find you the most appropriate work in the locations and times that you want.

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