It can be quite daunting for a General Practitioner to make the leap from a permanent role to locum work, this does not have to be the case. This article is here to help, encourage and explain the positive effects of becoming a GP locum.

Our experienced medical recruitment consultants have put together their list of why any general Practitioner should consider becoming a locum doctor.

  1. Freedom

One of the greatest reasons to do locum jobs is the freedom that you can’t find in many other jobs if any other at all. The fact that you can pick and choose not just when you work but also the location is sensational for any career. Take annual leave when you see fit, go away for as long as you want and don’t need to squabble over booking school holidays off with other colleagues. You can work full time or part time depending on your needs or circumstances, the work life balance is in your complete control.

  1. Earnings

Many locum doctors will get paid a higher hourly rate than a permanent position doctor, be sure to keep on top of your timesheets and regular payments will be made. If you want to ramp up your earnings one month, all you have to do is book in more shifts – your earnings are completely in your control.

  1. Opportunities

Many doctors are surprised to learn that locuming can also open other career doors. Providing additional training in certain areas or even allowing you to teach opportunities to junior or student doctors will look great on your CV.

  1. Variety

Mixing and matching your workload will keep your days interesting and ensure that no two shifts are the same. You could even swap around the specialities that you work if you are qualified to do so, adding even more variety to your working day. You will never be bored if you choose not to be.

  1. Stability

Finally, doctors are always in high demand, especially in the NHS. There are thousands of amazing opportunities all over the country available right now. This gives you plenty of options, as you can either find work on your doorstep or you can use the opportunity to check out new cities at the other end of the country. Partnering with hospitals in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales we can easily fix you up with accommodation so that you can work wherever you please. You can also have your say about whether you work ad-hoc shifts or on a longer term basis, which can be for a few weeks or even months long.

There has never been a better time to become a locum and make that transition into locum work. There are many more positive reasons to support locum work but these are our top 5.

Our specialised and highly trained recruitment consultants here at AppLocum are always on hand 24 hours a day to aid all of our locum staff with their needs, whatever they may be. They are experts in finding work for all locums in the medical industry across the UK and we take tremendous pride in what they have achieved so far and what they will achieve in the future.

If you are a General Practitioner and looking into becoming a locum then don’t hesitate to get in contact. You can follow a link to our website, call 0161 711 0655 or send us an email with any queries you may have to

We hope this article has helped and we hope to hear from you soon.

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