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Category : NHS in the News

NHS in the News

Increased eligibility for influenza vaccinations – more winter pressure?

With Covid-19 still raging through the UK, PHE (Public Health England) states that it is vital that those vulnerable to... View Article

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NHS in the News

Covid-19 Burnout: The Latest Challenge for Healthcare Staff

Constant exhaustion. Reduced morale. Guilt about not working hard enough. These are familiar symptoms to people from all backgrounds. However,... View Article

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elective surgery
NHS in the News

Future Tense For UK’s Elective Surgery

Last month, the Government announced that independent hospitals in the UK would, once again, be able to perform elective surgery... View Article

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NHS in the News

When is elective surgery likely to be reinstated in NHS hospitals?

There is no hard and fast answer to this question, as there are still many things to take into consideration.... View Article

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Immigration and the NHS
NHS in the News

Will new immigration laws put even more pressure on the NHS?

The New Immigration Law Every change of government promises so much in terms of our healthcare system and Brexit doesn’t... View Article

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our NHS
NHS in the News

The votes are in… What now for our NHS?

The votes have been counted and the Conservatives have won with a landslide result. After winning a majority, Johnson vows... View Article

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NHS in the News

IHS and the staffing crisis

The RCN has again called the government to scrap the “cruel and heartless” Immigration Health Surcharge for nurses. It has... View Article

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NHS in the News

Now is the winter of patients’ discontent

Data has been collected from over 50 hospitals across the UK; and a shocking report released this morning has highlighted... View Article

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NHS in the News

Election Day Approaches: Brexit and NHS promises

We approach the beginning of December and election day draws near! As we mull over which box we will check... View Article

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NHS in the News

Winter pressures cause huge NHS staffing Crisis

New reports have highlighted the sudden change in weather, with temperatures dropping to almost -10c across the UK. The sudden... View Article

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