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Category : Health & Social Care

Health & Social Care

Taking the stress off your shoulders

Being a locum can be quite a stressful job, unless you have nerves of steel and the energy of a... View Article

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Health & Social Care

Supporting patients who may be battling with cancer

Supporting patients who may be battling with cancer, is when a GP really comes to the forefront in primary care.... View Article

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locum top tips
Health & Social Care

Top Tips to Becoming a Locum

Life as a locum doctor can be hugely rewarding, but it’s not always the simplest career path. Put in the... View Article

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Dry January
Health & Social Care

Promoting Dry January Successfully

Taking the opportunity to educate patients on the merits of a Dry January is always advisable. In order to do... View Article

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The age defying population and care homes

The UK population are living longer than ever, leading healthier lifestyles with the over 60’s making up for 22.5% of... View Article

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Health & Social Care

Female Health Clinics – Barriers for female patients

A recent study showed that over 3000 women in the UK struggle to access basic healthcare services ranging from contraception... View Article

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Health & Social Care

A Locum Payment Guide

There are a few different payment options available to clinicians when they enter the Locum world. It can often be... View Article

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Health & Social Care

The Confident Clinician

Confidence; the quality of being certain of your abilities. Why is being confident in the workplace vital to safe, efficient,... View Article

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Health & Social Care

Dealing with Complaints – Locum Management

When providing a service, customer complaints can be expected if dealing with large numbers. The average practitioner will see up... View Article

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Health & Social Care

Staying Healthy on Shift

We all know it can be extremely difficult to stay healthy at work, there always seems to be some temptation... View Article

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